Was sind die Dodger-Tools?

Was ist drin? / What's in it?


Achtung! Achtung! Die folgenden Anweisungen richten sich ausschließlich an fachkundige Personen. Bei jedem Schritt kann es zum kompletten Datenverlust kommen. Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr!
Die Dodger-Tools könnt Ihr (als root) mit auf Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Raspberry Pi OS (oder wahrscheinlich auch anderen Debian-Derivaten) installieren:
cd /tmp
Je nach Dodger-Tools-Modul, das Ihr nutzen möchtet, müßt Ihr noch weitere Pakete installieren. Zum Installieren aller Pakete, die vor irgendeinem Modul verwendet werden:
apt-get install -y dodger-tools --install-suggests
Achtung! Achtung! The following instructions are intended for competent persons only. Complete data loss may occur at any step. All information without guarantee!
You can install the Dodger tools (as root) with on Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Raspberry Pi OS (or probably other Debian derivatives):
cd /tmp
Depending on the Dodger Tools module you want to use, you may need to install additional packages. To install all packages that are used by any module run:
apt-get install -y dodger-tools --install-suggests

Dodger-Tools-Module / Dodger-Tools modules

Dodger-Tools-Pakete / Dodger-Tools packages

Paket/Package: 7z-addons
Beschreibung/Description: Additional script for 7-Zip. Scripts for generating encrypted archives with hash sums as passphrase build from password and file name, script for archives with maximum compression and tool for calculating hash sums from prefix and password.

Paket/Package: HTTP2SeleniumBridge
Beschreibung/Description: Installs HTTP2SeleniumBridge and nodm.

Paket/Package: audiomenu
Beschreibung/Description: Adds an extensible audio menu to the Raspberry Pi for executing tasks. This includes examples for playing audio streams, local audio files and telling the weather.

Paket/Package: bget
Beschreibung/Description: Downloads all files from an url containing a number sequence Downloads all files from an url containing a number sequence. Ascending and descending numbers in filenames are possible.

Paket/Package: dmtools
Beschreibung/Description: Creating and mounting encrypted files and partitions. Tools for creating and mounting encrypted files and partitions with the help of dm-crypto.

Paket/Package: dodger-tools
Beschreibung/Description: Dodger-Tools: Tools for different purposes Dodger-Tools are a collection of serveral scripts for different purposes.

Paket/Package: dt-autossh-portforward
Beschreibung/Description: Exposes local ports by port forwarding Exposes local TCP ports by SSH port forwarding to an external server.

Paket/Package: dt-cron-apt
Beschreibung/Description: Configures cron-apt for automatically updates Configures cron-apt for automatically updates

Paket/Package: dt-easy-monitoring
Beschreibung/Description: Simple monitoring Simple monitoring of servers (and other systems, that are accessible over network).

Paket/Package: easyfw
Beschreibung/Description: Scripts to enable / disable simple iptables firewall rules Scripts to enable / disable simple iptables firewall rules and to block all incoming traffic.

Paket/Package: firefox-alsa
Beschreibung/Description: Installs apulse and scripts to run Firefox without pulseaudio.

Paket/Package: flattenDir
Beschreibung/Description: Renames all files to include the path into the file name. Recursively renames all files to include the path into the file name and moves them to the current directory.

Paket/Package: gain-scripts
Beschreibung/Description: Changes the gain of MP3 files in different ways. Changes the gain of MP3 files in different ways. Adjusts the gain of all MP3s up and down and loweres the gain of the right channel.

Paket/Package: hal-init.d
Beschreibung/Description: Adds the missing init.d scripts to the hal package.

Paket/Package: home-in-lukscontainer
Beschreibung/Description: Create accounts and LUKS containers for storing home directories in. Script to create new local accounts that store the contents of their home directories in LUKS containers. The according LUKS container is created and automatically mounted with the user's password. The mounting when loging in and the unmounting when logging out is done by PAM.

Paket/Package: javaws-alternative
Beschreibung/Description: Alternative for JAVA's webstart.

Paket/Package: local-apt
Beschreibung/Description: Scripts for downloading Debian packages with dependencies for a different release to a local directory with an extra sources.list. Source codes can be downloaded too.

Paket/Package: mbrola-addons
Beschreibung/Description: Scripts to TTS text files into mp3 and wav.

Paket/Package: mbrola-txt2pho-install
Beschreibung/Description: Installation script for MBrola and txt2php (German only) with German voice de6. And some extra scripts e.g. for generating an OGG from a text file or from a Wikipedia article.

Paket/Package: mencoder-easy
Beschreibung/Description: A bunch of scripts to use mencoder more easy. Scripts to convert between different video formats, cut out advertisement, extract audio form media file, reencode audio tracks in videos etc.

Paket/Package: multirun
Beschreibung/Description: Runs more instances of the same command line tool with different parameters read from a file. E.g. you can download many files with wget where the urls are stored in the parameter file (each line one url).

Paket/Package: phpthreads
Beschreibung/Description: PHP functions to run many BASH scripts simultaniously in seperated screens.

Paket/Package: pngquant-direkt
Beschreibung/Description: Optimizes PNGs directly (without storing the result in another file) Optimizes PNGs directly (without storing the result in another file)

Paket/Package: raspi-wifi-ap
Beschreibung/Description: Configures a Raspberry Pi to be used as wifi router.

Paket/Package: sscp-ohneSpeichern
Beschreibung/Description: Run SSH and SCP without storing the destination in known_hosts.

Paket/Package: tor-forced-users
Beschreibung/Description: Configures tor to proxy all traffic of choosen users over tor.

Paket/Package: unzipall
Beschreibung/Description: Script for extracting the files of all ZIP files in a directory or multiple directories. The files are extracted in the directory that holds the ZIP file.